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Retirement and Estate Planning

"What is the money for?"

If you have worked with us in the past, you know we like to ask a very important question, "What is the money for?"

We believe that this question plants the seed for the beginning of a very personal conversation that allows both client and advisor to really get to the heart of the matter, financially speaking, of course. 

For those clients looking for retirement planning, we are able to deploy industry leading software and planing tools designed to help the client to identify goals and opportunities as well as to gain an understanding of probable success. 

We also offer our clients the ability to aggregate all of their financial life into one dashboard, Stone Bridge Connect, creating an easy way to see how they are tracking on their financial journey. 

Stone Bridge Connect is the tool we use to work through all aspects of planning, from establishing a budget to something as complex as analyzing the impact of various financial options on your cash flows, goals, and your estate plan. 

Here are some web-based budgeting tools you might find helpful.

Stone Bridge Connect is a personal financial website available to our clients that allows them to consolidate all their financial accounts, enabling them to quickly determine their income and spending history and helping them develop an appropriate budget.

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The Family Budget Calculator from the Economic Policy Institute can provide you with baseline budget information specific to your family's size and the cost of living where you live.

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Fidelity's Budget Checkup provides high-level guidelines for allocating a budget and let's you compare them to your own actual spending and savings.

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Our Cash Flow Calculator helps you create a cash-flow for your family (in more detail than the Fidelity Budget Checkup tool) to determine if you are spending more than you earn.

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