An Oldie but a Goodie

This month we are taking a little departure from our normal “economic lesson” in order to make room for a special topic.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Tom Francescon to our firm to head up business development and client relations.  We have known Tom personally for many years, and the idea of working together with him professionally is very exciting to us.  For those who want to put a face to his name, take a look at our website and look for the tenacious little Italian with the white hair.

During his 35+ years in Chattanooga, Tom has developed a reputation of trustworthiness and sincerity.  As a result, he has earned his way onto the boards of many local organizations and forged deep relationships throughout the city.  He is known for his diligence and attention to detail—two traits, which are key attributes of his client service model.  Not afraid to tackle complex issues, Tom can easily draw on his broad network of relationships to put together a team of professionals to address just about any issue.

Tom joins Stone Bridge Asset Management after almost a decade of serving the financial needs of his clients.  Prior to joining Stone Bridge Asset Management, he held the position of Vice President of Private Client Services with another fee-only wealth management firm.  He also has a vast amount of experience outside the investment and financial services arena. His career began in sales and business management in the paper industry, but his entrepreneurial spirit took him to areas like business brokering, consulting, telecommunications, and medical records technology.  Ultimately the financial services industry attracted him because of the opportunity it allows him to build deeper relationships with his clients as he partners with them in pursuit of their life goals.

As mentioned above, Tom has been an active member of the Chattanooga community for over thirty-five years.  He received his B.S. in Business Management and Marketing from the UTC—go Mocs!  He has served on several Boards through the years, including the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce Downtown Council and North Chattanooga Council, CBMC Chattanooga, Engel Foundation, Inc., Hamilton County Industrial Development Board, Signal Mountain Health Education & Housing Board, and the Signal Mountain Recreation Board.  He is a Kingdom Advisor and a Money MapTM Coach. Tom is a member and Elder of Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church. Tom and his wife, Del, just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary!  They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren and live in Signal Mountain, TN.

Now you can see why we are excited to have Tom as a part of our team!

Okay, one quick market note – volatility is on the rise.  While the US was an island of growth last year, prospects for the rest of the world have been boosted by the decline in energy prices and by central bank measures in Europe, Japan, and China to support their economies.  While the collapse in energy prices has clouded the picture for growth here at home, oil-importing countries are benefiting.  Investment performance is being driven by Europe and Japan, up double digits year to date, and we are starting to see the value of stock selection (healthcare and technology) and global diversification.  This is a significant departure from last year, when investors only needed to own US stock and bond indices.

As always please contact us with any questions or ideas that you would like us to cover in upcoming “Notes”