What's in a name?

A name is everything.  It's your identity, telling everyone what you are all about.

Stone Bridge Asset Management takes its name from the Charles Bridge in the center of historic Prague, Czech Republic.  The Charles Bridge (seen in several of the pictures above) has adorned the Prague landscape for over 600 years.  Also known as the "Stone Bridge," it was built to last and, despite wars, floods, political upheaval, and the like, has been reliably providing its critical service throughout the years.  Beyond its reliability, the Charles Bridge is also known for its architectural beauty--it is a place where couples like to stroll on a pleasant spring day.  We aim to be as successful as the "Stone Bridge" in combining lasting, reliable solutions with a relationship that our clients enjoy.  Whether your personal journey is wealth accumulation, family or business planning, or charitable giving, Stone Bridge is here to take you across the financial divide.  

This old Stone Bridge symbolizes what we strive to be for our clients: effective, dependable, and enjoyable.  

Stone Bridge Asset Management, the name says it all!

Welcome to our website...we hope it will provide you with some insight into our firm and its personnel.  On the About page, you can read more about how important we think client confidence is to building a solid relationship with our clients.  The Approach page gives you insight into our investment approach and how it is designed for the long run.  And if you check out our Notes From Stone Bridge section, you can read our latest thoughts on market drivers as well as investment themes that are catching our attention.  We try to write our "Notes" in plain English so that all the visitors to our website, no matter what their background, can understand and make sense out of topics that can be complex.   Besides being an educational piece, "Notes from Stone Bridge" might even to make you a little smarter at a dinner party or on the golf course.   As an additional feature, "Notes" is written in a blog format, so feel free to ask a question or leave a comment.




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