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Stone Bridge Asset Management's humble beginnings

David Babb and Erik Boehm both began their investment careers in the mid 1990’s.  Erik cut his investment teeth on international markets working in the Czech Republic, while David was here in the Southeast.  Although they were separated by two continents and were managing different asset classes (emerging market equities and fixed income, respectively), the same valuable investment lessons were being learned. The world was interconnected, and even though investments were becoming increasingly complex, investors were looking for something more grounded: a professional relationship with someone they could relate to and, more importantly, someone they trusted.

After working with financial institutions and consulting firms, Erik and David in 2011 started Stone Bridge Asset Management, LLC, an independent fee-only Registered Investment Advisor that focuses on the client and their specific needs.  Stone Bridge Asset Management exist for one purpose, to serve our clients.

When asked about forming Stone Bridge, co-founder and Principal David Babb had this to say,

“Managing individual and institutional wealth since 1995, Erik and I have experienced many different market cycles.  Candidly, we have seen a lot as the industry has shifted over the last two-plus decades and we have been exposed to many interesting 'investment opportunities'.  We have made some good investment decisions as well as some bad ones.  Whether we are talking about market environments like Long Term Capital Management, the tech bubble, or the Great Recession, we learned a very important lesson that holds true today: in a down market, returns are absolute.  We understand how our clients measure our value and that they expect us to help them navigate uncertainty."

2011 - Starting Stone Bridge Asset Management

David and Erik realized that their client required a flexible and very robust investment firm to provide them with investment opportunities, but to be proactive enough to protect clients from downside uncertainties.  From an investment point-of-view, the firm's goal is to bring institutional level strategies to all clients, regardless of the size of the account.