Broker Check

Fidelity Mailing Address and Check Deposit Instructions

Fidelity Mailing Address

  • Overnight Mail Address:

                      Fidelity Investments

                      100 Crosby Parkway, Mailzone KC1H

                      Covington, KY 41015

  • Regular Mail Address:

                      Fidelity Investments

                      P.O. Box 770002

                      Cincinnati, OH 45277-0074

Standard deposits to individual and IRA accounts

  • For most check deposits to individual brokerage accounts as well as to most IRA accounts (including to rollover and Roth IRAs), checks must be made payable to one of these:
    • Fidelity Investments.
    • National Financial Services, LLC.
    • Account holder exactly as it appears on the Brokerage Account Registration. Checks payable to the account holder must be endorsed by the account holder to prevent paying bank from returning the check to Fidelity.

Special Situations

  • For Deposits to Trust accounts, checks must be payable to:
    • Fidelity Investments or National Financial Services
    • Trust name as listed on the account registration
    • Individual as trustee
    • Individual with no trustee designation on check must be endorsed by a trustee with indication of the deposit account number.  If not endorsed properly a Letter of Instruction (LOI) is necessary.
    • One trustee (multiple trustees listed on the account registration), if endorsed by the trustee the check is made payable to. If not endorsed properly an LOI is necessary.
    • To trustee and deposited at a Fidelity Investor Center Automatic Deposit Machine
    Note: Checks payable to the trust where trust name or date on the check does not match the Trust name or date of the account registration are acceptable when accompanied by an LOI from the trustee.
  • Trustee-to-trustee transfer check deposits must be:
    • Made payable to Fidelity Investments
    • Addressed to Fidelity Investments
    • Accompanied by a letter from the delivering custodian, on delivering custodian letterhead, stating the:
      • Check number
      • Amount of check
      • Customer's name
      • Decedent's name (for Inherited IRAs) state that the check is for a Trustee to Trustee Transfer
      • The type of account being transferred and that it is a non-reportable transactionNote: The letter must be signed.
  • For new contributions into company retirement plan accounts (not in a Fidelity 401k plan), checks must be made payable to the retirement plan name.
  • For rollover contributions into company retirement plan accounts (not in a Fidelity 401k plan), checks must be made payable like one of these:
    • Fidelity Investments FBO Trustee for the Plan - FBO the Participant
    • Fidelity Investments FBO the Plan
    • Fidelity Investments FBO the Plan - FBO the Participant
    • The Plan
    • The Plan FBO the Participant
  • Third-party checks less than $2,500