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Replay of "What do retirement accounts, HSA's, and wealth transfer strategies have in common?..."

| March 10, 2021

On March 2nd, Stone Bridge hosted a Zoom event on practical retirement ideas (see Table of Contents below for highlights) with tax season in mind, based extensively on new rules for retirement accounts thanks to the 2020 Secure Act with Brian Dobbis, Director of Retirement Solutions at Lord Abbett.

Video Table of Contents

Time                         Topic
10:20                        Funding of IRAs and Roth IRAs
11:50                        Contributions for a non-working spouse
13:25 + 33:10           “Back-door” Roth IRA contribution
14:35                        RMDs from IRAs
17:00                        RMDs from 401Ks
20:10                        Summary slide of RMD age changes
23:20                        New exceptions to 10% early withdrawal penalty
27:15                        Establishing Roth IRAs for children
30:00                        Use of Roth for college education
33:10                        “Back-door” Roth IRA
36:10                        IRA for Non-working spouse
37:46                        Health Savings Accounts
44:45                        HSA opportunity for working, adult children
53:15                        529 accounts
56:20                        Portability of HSA accounts
1:00:11                     Important disclosures